The National Association of European Trainers from Moldova has created this autumn for the first time, a group of beneficiaries of Romanian language courses from the Transnistrian region. They learn the official language of Moldova free of charge at A1-A2 level through the distance learning platform

The study program includes vocabulary exercises, comprehension of written or audio texts, communication, grammar etc. The exercises are solved individually through the above-mentioned portal, which also has automatic display function of scores gained.

The courses participants have the opportunity to contact whenever they need a trainer of ANTEM. Beneficiaries are meeting online at least once every two weeks under discussion clubs and language immersions. These activities are part of the methods used by ANTEM trainers in the process of learning the Romanian language.

To enrol for the distance courses of Romanian, those interested should complete a questionnaire on portal. Subsequently, they are contacted by ANTEM representatives, who provide training on the use of this platform and access password. At the same time, a schedule for on-going acquires of themes and discussion clubs and linguistic immersion is established. Over each level, participants pass four intermediate tests and a final evaluation.

The first group of beneficiaries includes people from Transnistria who study in Chisinau, employees of nongovernmental sector and teachers from the districts situated on the left bank of the Dniester. They motivate their interest in these courses by the opportunity of having greater access to educational programs, employment or funds for implementing various projects.

Romanian language courses through the platform happen under the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the High Commissioner on National Minorities of the OSCE from The Hague. Currently, more than 1,200 people in our country benefit from the Distance Romanian language program.

Founded in 2005, ANTEM has become an active promoter of learning the official language by minorities, of competent and responsible approach to integrating national minorities through the cultivation of communicative skills. ANTEM persevere in opening dialogue and intercultural and interethnic communication by offering services of teaching the state language to different categories of beneficiaries.

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Tel.: 022 24-57-12