On April 13th, the National Association of European Trainers from Moldova (ANTEM) organized a training for managers of kindergartens from Gagauzia, beneficiaries of the Programme of Simultaneous Learning of Romanian and Gagauz Languages, project funded by the High Commissioner on National Minorities OSCE from The Hague.

Within this event, the kindergartens’ managers were informed about the activities of the project and its implementation requirements, traditions and experiences of learning two non-native languages ​​simultaneously, management relations and issues between managers-educators and managers-parents.

ANTEM experts also attended the event, providing all the necessary support for counselling managers.

The Programme of Simultaneous Learning of Romanian and Gagauz Languages ​​was launched in July, 2015, by ANTEM. It provides, both, developing teaching materials for children and parents, as well as, conditions for a minimum of 150 children (5-7 years) and their parents to study concomitantly Romanian and Gagauz languages, which will facilitate cohesion and linguistic, social and professional integration, and contribute to the preservation of ethnic identity and cultural heritage in the region.