At school and with the family she spoke only Russian, but has come to be Olympic in Romanian. It is a story of a student from Taraclia. She aimed to become a doctor, and the first obstacle encountered was lack of speaking Romanian. This did not give up her dream. In less than three years she has succeeded not only to learn, but also to get the Romanian Olympics medal. Sursa

And because the third place is not enough, the girl keeps on working harder, to get the first place in the Olympics this year. We’re talking about Ruceva Irina, 17years old, originally from Taraclia town, where, according to the census of 10 years ago, the Romanian ethnics constitute only five per cent of the total. In kindergarten, school and family she spoke only Russian.

“I said that here in our city, people speak Bulgarian and Russian everywhere. Therefore, I cannot use Romanian and it’s hard. My life is linked to Romanian, Olympiads. Initially, I got the fourth place in the Republican Olympics of Romanian language and literature. Last year, however, I took the third place. I love this language,” said Irina.

Everything changed when she realized that she wants a future here at home, and when she goes to one university in Chisinau, to study medicine, Romanian Language will be the first tool she needs. She found out about the National Association of European Trainers where non-speakers can benefit from free Romanian language courses.

“I learnt about these courses from Mrs Eugenia Mandaji, who told us that there is a very good opportunity for those who want to learn Romanian. It is very important for us, representatives of national minorities, to speak the language of this country,” said the student.

ANTEM offers the possibility of studying the language even to those who cannot attend the courses. They can learn Romanian remotely via This way, a few years ago, Irina started her first classes of Romanian.

Now Irina studies intensely as she intends to participate in this year’s Romanian Olympics, where she wants to overcome her own record from last year.

ANTEM free learning programs of Romanian language were initiated in 2005 and financed by the High Commissioner on National Minorities of the OSCE from The Hague and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova. The program provides free opportunity of Romanian learning to civil servants, but also to all interested non-natives.

Nicu GUŞAN, Realitatea TV