On February 16th, 2016 ANTEM together with the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities from The Hague delegation held a meeting with representatives of the UTAG Directorate of Education, managers of kindergartens in the region, parents, Romanian and Gagauz language teachers.

The event took place at kindergarten no. 9 from Comrat.

The main topics of discussion included the importance of preserving the ethnic identity of the Gagauz people through implementing various projects such as the one implemented by ANTEM.

The project will address the problem of shortage of teaching materials in Romanian and Gagauz language in kindergartens from Gagauzia and will provide the necessary language training to encourage sociolinguistic integration of the national minorities from Moldova.

The simultaneous learning programme of Romanian and Gagauz languages was launched in July 2015 by ANTEM and aims at assimilating Romanian and Gagauz languages by children aged 5-7 years and their parents.