Romanian language teaching techniques to allogeneic adults in our country are constantly enhanced, but, distance learning method e-learning, launched by ANTEM a few years ago, seems to be most comfortable and appreciated by beneficiaries.

Ana Cerneva lives in Chişinău, she is 37 years old working in an NGO sector. Previously she activated for two years for the local government and had to communicate with citizens in Romanian.

“Three years ago, I started to learn Romanian, previously I did not speak a single word in this language. I managed to acquire very good knowledge, although I’m still worried a little to express myself in public”, says Ana Cerneva.

It was easy to learn Romanian at traditional courses I attended, organized by different organizations, she says. For the moment she feels that, for her, most appropriate and convenient is the method of distance learning via the platform

“It offers me time to think of answers and solve any task. It is dynamic, allowing me to advance faster or slower, depending on the situation. I am looking forward to sit by the computer and continue learning”.

Ana Cerneva is planning to perform a business purpose travel soon to Romania and is confident that this opportunity will help her to test and develop her language skills.

“I want to continuously improve my knowledge of Romanian and hope that ANTEM specialists will recommend me the most appropriate ways in this regard”, concluded our interlocutor.

Ana Cerneva is at B1 level of Romanian language learning through “distance Romanian learning” program, implemented by ANTEM and financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. E-learning platform covers levels A1-A2, B1, B2 and C1 and complies to the Common European Framework of Language Reference.

Yulia Belanciuc, program assistant at ANTEM, says that those who enroll for distance courses of Romanian first get an access password for the platform, after which they are instructed how to use the electronic program.

Further, stages of learning and schedules for each theme are established. Meanwhile, discussion clubs are organized in classrooms or on-line, and, whenever necessary, individual consultations are provided by phone, skype or e-mail.

The duration of one level of distance Romanian language learning differs, depending on individual learning capacity of each person who registers for these courses. Since June, 2015, 75 people follow A1-A2 levels under the program “Romanian distance learning”, and since September, 75 beneficiaries will learn B1 level and 35 – C1 level. People aged 16 to 35 years can register for Romanian distance language courses.

The e-learning platform “Distance Romanian learning” is now the only instrument of this kind in our country.

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