The National Association of European Trainers from Moldova launched on Friday, August 28th, the C1 level of Romanian language learning for professionals from the public sector and a training module for it. C1 level of knowledge of the official language is advanced and will be tought according to the e-learning method within the Program “Distance Romanian learning’ implemented by ANTEM, with the financial support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“Intensely and very conscientiously, ANTEM is performing activities related to Romanian language acquisition by officials and, surely, will continue receiving full support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Knowing the official language provides greater opportunities for employment, and also to achieving an adequate level of understanding with the public we deal with”, said Loretta Handrabura, the Minister of Youth and Sports.

“ANTEM’ successful approach to public administration, is important. These employees are responsible for promoting vital reforms to our society and therefore need solid language skills. ANTEM’ efforts of both traditional and modern methods seem to reach the goal”, noted Liubomir Chiriac, executive director of IDIS”Viitorul”.

Romanian language learning courses at C1 level for officials will be held from September 1st to December 31st, 2015 and will be followed by at least 30 people in two groups, specified Lucia Cucu, ANTEM director.

Currently, approximately 1,200 people who are registered for A1-A2, B1 and B2 levels, benefit of free courses organized by ANTEM under the Program “Distance Romanian learning”. However, other than 5000 employees in the budgetary sector followed, until now, the courses under the Program „Linguistic training of civil servants in our country”, implemented with the support of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities from The Hague and the Government of Finland.

ANTEM is the only organization in our country, carrying out linguistic training programs for the budget sector workers, Lucia Cucu added.

The event was attended by many linguists, methodologists, tutors, trainers, officials, IT specialists etc.

Founded in 2005, ANTEM has become an active promoter of learning the official language by minorities, a proffessional, competent and responsible approach to integrating national minorities through the cultivation of communicative skills. ANTEM persevere in opening dialogue and intercultural or interethnic communication by services of teaching the state language rendered to different categories of beneficiaries.

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