July 20th, 2015 / From earlier this year almost 250 employees from the budget sector benefited of free courses of learning the Romanian language, A1-A2, B1, B2 levels, within the “linguistic training of civil servants in our country”, implemented by the Association of National European Trainers from Moldova.

The participants completed the courses in July, B2 level, which allows them to express themselves clearly and in detail on a wide range of topics, understand the essential content of a complex text, and most TV shows and movies . Level B2 consisted of combined training – traditional and remote,  a successful model piloted by ANTEM this year.

The approximately 250 people attended these courses since September 2014 and have previously completed levels A1-A2 of Romanian language.

Participants will be selected over 100 people who obtained the best results in assays performed on finalizing the B1 level. They will be registered for B2 level, which will begin in September.

Currently, ANTEM is organizing, throughout our country, several groups of learning the Romanian language, levels A1-A2, which will begin courses in September 2015.

All interested persons who are not public employees and who pay 30 percent of costs can enroll for Romanian language courses.The Linguistic Training Program for national minorities in Moldova was launched in 2005 by IDIS Viitorul, in 2008 ANTEM took over, and is being financially supported by the High Commissioner on National Minorities of OSCE from the Hague and the Government of Finland. The current program is scheduled to run until October 2016.

Approximately 5,000 civil servants, doctors, teachers, police officers, etc benefited of Romanian language learning courses organized by ANTEM during 2008-2015.

ANTEM is a nongovernmental organization, which aims to facilitate the civic, socio-cultural and professional integration of national minorities and promote tolerance through training and creating a favorable linguistic environment.

For more information, contact:

Tel.: 022 24 57 12, 069245189 (Lucia Cucu)

Email: antem.moldova@gmail.com